Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure

My Quest for the Ultimate Cheesesteak

I began my quest for the ultimate Cheesesteak on May 16, 2018.  Since then

I have eaten 800 Cheesesteaks

to the right is a spreadsheet with every place that I have eaten an official Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure Cheesesteak.


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I made the 2021 Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure calendar because we have an emotional attachment to cheesesteaks.  When I talk to people about cheesesteaks I hear about family, friends, teammates and ‘my dad’s’ favorite place.  Cheesesteaks are much more than a roll, meat and cheese.  Also, each cheesesteak place has a special connection with the community they serve.  The 2021 Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure Calendar highlights a different cheesesteak each month.  There is a coupon for the highlighted cheesesteak place.  I purposely avoided the big name touristy cheesesteaks.  I picked 12 cheesesteaks that have a unique quality, great story, connection to their month and represent the cheesesteak community well.  For example, March and McGillin’s Olde Ale House.  You can celebrate St. Patrick’s day with a cheesesteak and draft in Philadelphia’s oldest continuous use pub.  Opened in 1860, Abe Lincoln was president.  The 2021 Cheesesteak Calendar does a great job of celebrating the different and unique cheesesteaks our area has to offer.


20 Cheesesteaks you should eat in 2020

On May 16, 2018 I started my Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure to find the ultimate cheesesteak.  At the beginning of 2020 I had eaten 500 different cheesteaks  

Yes, 500 different cheesesteaks in the 20 months.  They have all been in this region, far west as Reading, North to Princeton and South to Bear, DE.  I was heckled twice and threatened to be sued once (by a day drinking patron). What has surprised me the most is that just about everyone I have come in contact with is uninterested in the man taking selfies with and/or video of his cheesesteak. 

I like watching better than reading.  Please enjoy the video.

What you will find on the pages on my website

My Daily Cheesesteak blog

Here is you’ll find me eating my most recent cheesesteak. 

Gullifty’s – 90

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Gullifty's, 1149 Lancaster Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA.  Scored 90/100.  Your's will be better. 973rd different cheesesteak in the last four years.  Guest Eater Amigo Dan.  This was an interesting stop and if you go to...

News & Events

Occasionally I get invited places and you can find videos of my travels here.

The best way to Reheat a cheesesteak

The best way to Reheat a cheesesteak.  This is a free public service announcement from the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure.  Don’t be afraid! The video is not 8 minutes long.  Well, It is 8 minutes long but I added 2 bonus blooper air fryer test...

Dos Amigos

Two friends travel the region eating and comparing cheesesteaks.  Insightful and occasionally entertaining.

Porter Food Market – 88

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Porter Food Market on the corner of 3rd & Porter in Philadelphia, PA. $3.50 and a very nice flavor, you gotta love that. Papi stores I love you. Would I like this cheesesteak to be a lot bigger, yes. $3.50, I'm not going to...

I have a video for every Cheesesteak I have eaten.

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