Eating the Cheesesteak Calendar at Oh Brother, 206 Market St, Philadelphia, PA.

Oh Brother is July on the 2021 Cheesesteak Calendar. Our founding forefathers began their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness in Old City. You can begin, and end, your pursuit of a great Cheesesteak at Oh Brother. This was a fun day. Oh my goodness gracious!! The cheesesteaks are better than I remember. They are good enough to get a ‘Holy Mackerel’ on top of the ‘Oh my goodness gracious’! They came on toasted bakery quality rolls. The rib-eye is tender, flavorful and plentiful. The fried onions and mushrooms add great flavor and this was confirmed by the ‘cheesesteak traditionalist’ in attendance. The cheeses were melted through very nicely on each of the cheesesteaks. As a special treat we got a french onion cheesesteak and a cheesesteak with sriracha and hot peppers. Kevin Wilson, creator of dining on a Dime, raved about the French Onion Cheesesteak. Attending Traditionalist, Matt Maratea posted about the sriracha and hot peppers. Amaris Pollock was her usual wonderful self and continues to be an amazing food photographer.

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