Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure eating a 3J’s Fishtown Kimchi Bulgogi Hoagie at Garage bar, Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA.

I got the Kimchi Bulgogi hoagie. It was hot and kind of chopped so I’m going to use the powers vested in me by the Philadelphia Inquirer as possibly the cheesesteak authority and consider it to be in the cheesesteak family. It was good and under $8. The roll was good but standard. The meat was good but more is usually better. The veggies were nice but one piece of celery was awful stringy. It had a very good amount of spicy sauce. I took it to Garage bar. I paired it with a lovely Southern Tier summer session Cherry Crush. The three of us had a lovely time at Garage bar’s outside seating area on Girard Avenue. Call me so we can talk Cheesesteaks, 732-228-3140.