Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at 701 Family Market, 701 Concord Ave, Wilmington, DE.

On a warm November evening while standing on a dimly-lit Point Breeze Ave I had a life-altering experience with a slightly toasted seeded cheesesteak roll. I have always believed in my heart that the Cheesesteak roll was a utility player and could never make a cheesesteak great. That all changed last night. Today I decided to get back to basics and take a good long look at a cheesesteak. I went to a local Papi store. I’m not sure why I was charged $11 for a large cheesesteak with mushrooms when I could have gotten a small cheesesteak, french fries and a 12 ounce can of soda for $6.99. Anyway, a long detailed video at places listed below. A very thoughtful and well written piece on (soon). Spoiler alert; everyone matters and they have to work together!!

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