896 Pie, After hiking in White Clay State park to see the Mason Dixon line tri-state marker we header over to 896 pie because they had a 4.8 rating on Google maps (75 reviews). Luckily they are BYOB and I had packed some B. I went with the Stop Sign steak. There version of ‘how much stuff can you put on a steak sandwich and still call it a steak sandwich’ including ketchup and Mayo. I am not into ordering Mayo but I am glad there was Mayo on this cheesesteak!! The top bite where it was mostly meat and roll as okay but the second bite where everything had settled into the roll was a flavor party!! Landenberg may be far to go for just a cheesesteak but when you add in Mason Dixon line tri-state marker, BYOB and a very good Cheesesteak, It was a very good day and they are getting 5 stars from me.