The 1st half of my life is in the books and I consider it a win.  Successful 25 year financial services career and both daughters attending the United States Merchant Marine academy.  

 Now I am looking for the very illusive and misunderstood 2nd half of life victory.  I want to find the Ultimate Cheesesteak. Is ‘Victory’ finding the Ultimate Cheesesteak or my daily journey with the people I meet and places I visit?

 I rideshare (Uber, Lyft) drive so I can tap into my riders intimate cheesesteak knowledge of their neighborhoods within the tri-state region.  The income does pay for the cheesesteaks and keep the lights on.

 Cheesesteaks are more than bread, meat and cheese from your corner pizza shop.  Expand your, cheesesteak, world with me on my Philadelphia Cheesesteak adventure!!