Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at A&LP Foods in Wildwood, NJ

This was the overall winner of the Philadelphia cheesesteak Adventure Jersey Shore part 2, 2 days, 9 cheesesteaks, 2 breweries and 2 distilleries adventure. This was a delight. It must be a new sandwich because it was advertised on a piece of paper taped to the glass by the cash register. They call it the bomb! A Cheesesteak with salami, provolone (pretty sure) and maybe a long hot. It had a good amount of meat. Being new to provolone I usually like to get some kind of sauce with it to loosen it up. I think provolone’s a hearty cheese. This Cheesesteak could have used something to loosen up the salami and the provolone. It was a very nice combination that work very well together. I very much liked this cheesesteak. I didn’t see the sexy cheese pull until I was looking at the pictures. We ate this beauty at Cape May distilleries.