Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Alumni Grill on rowan Blvd in Glassboro, NJ.

This is the perfect winter Cheesesteak for me. I love thick creamy soups in bread bowls in the winter. This cheesesteak had the texture of a thick creamy soup in a bread bowl. This warmed my heart. I got the Jekyll & Hyde cheesesteak. Reading directly from the menu; 1/2 Beef & 1/2 Chicken steak with Applewood Smoked Bacon, provolone cheese and our special Jekyll sauce. This was rich. This was creamy. This was flavor. The best thing about Alumni Grill, I can go to their location in Glassboro in the summer when the students are off and then I can go to their location and Rio Grande in the winter when the shobees aren’t around. Alumni Grill isn’t traditional and that’s why I love it.