Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Amore Pizza on High St in West Chester, PA.

I got the cheesy cheesesteak. Three cheeses. They were all on top. I wouldn’t have known there were three cheeses except I ordered three cheeses. The West Chester University students were on winter break. I’m one of the few people that are coming in to get food this day. You couldn’t melt my cheese. You couldn’t tell me about the cheesesteak panini, that looked amazing. You couldn’t tell me for $0.49 I could get french fries and a fountain soda. As Paul Harvey would say, and now for the rest of the story; 2 days later when I scraped the meat and cheese out of the roll, nuked it, mixed it in a bowl and then put it on a fresh roll, this was a darn good cheesy cheesesteak. I did like the $9 after tax.