Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Antney’s Grub on Oregon Ave near Broad St in South Philadelphia.

Oregon Avenue, what an unbelievably diverse cheesesteak ecosystem. Antney, Sircrabagus, Grubalicious, I really like saying the names. Antney runs a tight ship. At his suggestion I got the grubalicious. The grubalicious is a cheesesteak with fried onion petals and Antney’s Special Sauce. I love Antney’s Special Sauce — pause for 14 yr old boys to giggle– My simplistic culinary description of Antony Special Sauce is a creamy cocktail sauce. It’s a very cool menu. Sircrabagus has crab in it. I forgot to ask Antney where he gets his crabs from. Since he gets his rolls from his neighbor Carangi’s, phenomenal roll, I’m assuming he gets his crab from the crab guy two more blocks down Oregon Avenue. Very good Cheesesteak and overall experience.