Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Archie’s on Newark rd in Rural Kennett Square, PA.

One name, you know they have to stand out. I felt like I was in Archie‚Äôs kitchen. It was a roast beef cheesesteak. Boar’s Head roast beef. Top quality meat purveyor, top quality Cheesesteak, top quality place and very nice people. Toasted Roll, the roll came out of a Ziploc bag and that was a red flag to me. The roll turned out very well. The cheese was melted onto the roll. I’m definitely not a fan of that. Apparently roast beef is a lean meat so they put olive oil on the grill to keep it moist. The two regular customers where chatty, pleasant and got to sample a new menu item. Yes, I was a little hurt that I didn’t get a free sample of the new menu item but I tried to be a professional when I did their score. Overall very good experience. Big (roast beef) cheese steak, rural Kennett Square experience and $10.