Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Bagliani’s Market, 417 12th St, Hammonton, NJ.  This particular cheesesteak scored 87/100.

Different cheesesteak #985 in the last four years.  Guest eaters oldest daughter Jordan hosting Amigo Dan and his Posse.  This was cheesesteak number four of four on a night of cheesesteak tasting.  I saved it for last because I thought it was going to be the best.  The posse is pretty rough on this cheesesteak.  I think this cheesesteak by itself and eaten in a reasonable amount of time after purchase will be very good.   We got the Tailgater and the famous cheesesteak.   The meat on each was very good.  While waiting for my cheesesteaks I was talking to a man that had stopped at Bagliani’s on his way to the shore from Philly.  He stopped because he had heard great things about Bagliani’s.   He seemed very happy with the meat he was tasting/buying and the prices.  

Drive TO 1,000!  985 Different cheesesteaks eaten in the last 4 years.  I’ll be at a 1,000 different cheesesteaks by the end of the year.  I love guest eaters, DM me to join me.  Actually, I will join you at your favorite spot.

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