Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Best Quality Pizza on Springfield Rd in Clifton Heights, PA.

I like this cheesesteak. I just don’t know how much. I got the special cheese steak. It came with fried onions, peppers, mushrooms, pizza sauce and pizza cheese. It looked great. It smelled great. Sauce and cheese melted on top looked great but I still prefer sauce and cheese mixed in. Very good roll with a nice toast. you’ll see in the pictures we had a big roll blowout on the bottom. What I don’t understand about this cheesesteak is there was a lot of juice on the bottom that made me have a roll blowout but then the middle bite was a little dry and then the top but you have the sauce and cheese. Luckily I’ve eaten a lot of cheese steaks and I know how to manage my bites properly. Unfortunately a recreational Cheesesteak eater will be getting all sorts of different flavors and tastes in each bite. Overall good experience under $10 and it was tasty, it just confuses me.