Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at B&N Food Market on a Beautiful day in Chester, PA.

A cheesesteak Oasis. $5.50 and this thing was meaty, juicy and tasty. I splurged the 50 cents and got the peppers. Now I’m not saying drop everything and run down to Chester and get yourself a Cheesesteak at B&N food market. But if you’re in Chester and you want a very tasty cheesesteak for $5.50, B&N Food Market is your spot. It is takeout only so you need a place to eat. Subaru stadium is right there so if you’re tailgating for a Philadelphia Union game, this could be your cheesesteak. If it’s a beautiful day you’re not afraid to stand down by the River in Chester, this is your cheesesteak. If you are going to Larimer Beer Company and you want to take some food, this is your Cheesesteak. Very good overall experience.