Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure podcast has a time slot on!!

The long-anticipated Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure podcast will launch on, Friday, October 2nd 2020 at 6 pm. The first show will be an hour long. Subsequent shows will be 30 minutes. Fridays at 6 pm will be our time slot for new shows. Aired shows will always be available at If we’re going to do live remote shows in the future I hope has a time delay and/or mute button because 6 pm Friday I am 2 hours into happy hour. There will be a lot of slurring, cussing and bathroom breaks. Call me, 732-228-3140 or we request an Uber and hope I’m your driver so we can talk cheesesteaks and you can be on my podcast. I am looking forward to it!! I hope you are too!! If you don’t call me there will be a lot of dead air, bad jokes and me making uncle Ed, everyone’s bottom 5 family member guest eater, call in.

Call me – 732-228-3140