Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Brother’s Pizza, Hammonton, NJ

Brothers Pizza, Hammonton NJ. Hammonton not to be confused with any of the other brothers pizzas. This was 1st stop of Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure, Jersey Shore part 2 and it was a great start. We got the brother special which included fried onions, peppers, mushrooms and sauce. At the recommendation of Joe O we got it on the garlic bread. $1.75 extra for the garlic bread, I didn’t like that. The roll did not hold up and there was not a lot of meat. However, this was a very tasty cheesesteak. The ingredients on this Cheesesteak played great together. I would absolutely consider going back and getting a regular cheese steak on garlic bread and/or a brother special cheesesteak on regular roll. The people are great. I got my order wrong and then I sat at a table after ordering at the counter. I was a mess and they were great.