Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Brynn Bradley, 839 N Broad St, Woodbury, NJ.  Scored 89/100.

Different Cheesesteaks #929.   Guest Eater Geoff Robinson.  I went to Bryn Bradley with high expectations.  I have seen a lot of great pictures of their food online.  They won Best Cheesesteak in South Jersey.  We got the BB Banger.  It came with American Cheese and Whiz.  I’m thinking/hoping we got the one not very good cheesesteak they made in the thousand good ones.  The meat was a touch thicker slice and had a nice flavor.  Very good amount and melt of the cheese.  It was a very good seeded roll but hard to eat.  I think it was over-baked.  It was an oily cheesesteak.  The fried onions appeared to be swimming in it so I’m guessing they had something to do with the oil.  A lot of small batch cheeses, spreads, jams and preserves.  I wanted to get the Dark Chocolate Honey spread but Geoff won’t let me.   

Drive TO 1,000!  928 Different cheesesteaks eaten in the last 3 years.  I’ll be at a 1,000 different cheesesteaks by the end of the year.  I love guest eaters, DM me to join me.  Actually, I will join you at your favorite spot.

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