Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at By George for the pastrami cheesesteak

By George, Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia, PA. Remove small children from the viewing area. Get Brittney Spear’s song, ‘Ooops I did it again’ song in your head —- Oops, by George, did it again they play with my taste buds like I was their puppet Oops they did it again — Thank you, thank you very much. The pastrami cheesesteak holy mackerel. This is a collaboration done awesome!! J Cole you are my mashup spiritual guide!! If you love cheesesteaks and you love pastrami and you love dijon and you love pickles, go directly to Reading Terminal Market and get the by George pastrami cheesesteak. This collaboration works perfectly together. This is like a 500-piece Orchestra playing Perfect Harmony. I’ve exhausted my vocabulary and descriptive words so you’ll just have to go try for yourself.