Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at C-view Inn on the circle in Cape May, NJ

Great day to be the Cheesesteak guy. I have been driving by the C-View Inn for 40 years. The last 40 years of my life have been a lie. Then again I guess I’m happy I finally stopped into the C-View Inn. I got the C-view cheesesteak. Holy Mackerel!! It had a Toasted Roll, pepperoni and a long hot. This cheesesteak was bursting with flavor. Under $10, you got chips and a pickle. Holy Mackerel this was a tasty cheese steak. It needs to be bigger to start winning Cheesesteak Awards. But Holy Mackerel C-View Inn is definitely a place to stop and get a tasty cheese steak. The other food looked very good and they seem to have some great specials