Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Café Carmela, 2859 Holme Ave, northeast Philly.

We got the Don Cheech cheesesteak. I do like that everything has a name. At the suggestion of the nice young woman at the host stand we got it with Cooper sharp cheese. Carrying the cheesesteak I could tell it was small. It looked good when I unwrapped it. The good news is it had a very good amount of good Cooper sharp cheese. The cheese was well mixed in with the meat and fried onions. It had a good amount of meat but I found several pieces of Gristle. I guess we could debate gristle but a good grill person has to see the big pieces and remove them. The biggest disappointment for me was the roll. It tasted like a standard roll with a few sesame seeds thrown on top. This cheesesteak deserves a better roll.

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