Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Cantwell’s Tavern in historic Odessa, DE

Cantwell’s Tavern Odessa DE – When you ‘have to take her someplace nice’ and you want a cheesesteak, this is your place. A touch pricey to be your everyday cheesesteak. At $14.50 (50 cents for shrooms) it is not very overpriced but add $7.75 for a draft and tip, it starts to add up. I love Odessa. Who knew Delaware had a mini Williamsburg. The cheesesteak wasn’t cut in half and I was worried about it when I first saw it. The roll looked too big and bready and I couldn’t see how much cheese was in there. To my delight, the roll, meat and cheese work together perfectly on this cheesesteak. If you are looking for a nice place in an awesome historic setting to get a cheesesteak, Cantwell Tavern is your place.