Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Cinder Bar, 119 Berkley Rd, Clarksboro, NJ.

A day of beer and cheesesteaks with Amigo Dan started Cinder Bar. There are two Cinder Bars. We went to the one in Clarksboro. The good news is we really liked the Short Rib Cheesesteak sandwich. The bad news is we stayed too long and I tried too hard to summon my inner John Cohl and combine menu items. We got the short rib cheesesteak. It was very good. The meat was very tender and juicy. The caramelized onions added great flavor. The fontina cheese and truffle aioli were great complementary players. The roll was not a traditional cheesesteak roll. It was perfect for this cheesesteak considering this was not a traditional cheesesteak. It was $16 and came with french fries. If I was on a date I guess the $16 wasn’t bad but for any other occasion I think I would go with something else. Maybe the Lobster roll of cinder Calzone.

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