Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Country Butcher, 145 S Walnut St, Kennett Square, PA.

I got the rib eye sandwich. $17. Of course I am thinking sliced ribeye. I was wrong. I would have preferred this rib-eye on a plate. It was a good roll but not a $17 sandwich roll. The roll was also too narrow. Everything kept sliding off the roll. Cutting the Tomato slice in half would have been a big help. The basil mayonnaise was very tasty. As a ribeye it was delicious. As a sandwich it was a miss. It came with french fries but even they were undercooked. I got a brownie. The brownie was delicious. The brownie was big. The brownie gave me a stomach ache because I ate it all at once and should have been two or three servings. Ironically the brownie helped me dollar cost average down the price of the meal.

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