Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Dar’s Steaks, 142 Haddon Ave, Haddon Twp, NJ.

I got the beef Cheesesteak with Dar made Wiz, fried onions and portobello mushrooms. The sign out front said; World’s Best Cheesesteaks. If you follow me you know that high expectations usually don’t work out. I did like the recycled cardboard container. Saving the Earth while maintaining the Integrity of the roll. When I opened the container the cheesesteak looked a little small. When I picked a piece of meat off the cheesesteak it was very tender and flavorful. The seeded row looked very good but we had a major roll blowout. I don’t know what’s going on with the Whiz but it was way too runny for my liking. I wish it was thicker and stuck to the meat. The young girl running the front counter was amazing. I love some stuff about Dar’s. I dislike some stuff about Dar’s.

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