Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at David & Sons 322 BBQ at 1 S Main St, Mullica Hill, NJ

322 BBQ, David and Sons 322 BBQ, Mullica Hill, NJ. Whatever you call it, call it pretty darn good. I took the Two Amigos. We liked it, a lot, a whole lot. I got fancy and order the crusted filet mignon cheesesteak. It was a mistake. It was very tasty and wonderfully made but compared to the cheesesteaks, it was an ordering mistake. For the cheesesteak meat they use a ribeye/brisket blend that makes for an unbelievably tasty mushy fancy but fun party in your mouth. They use a great amount of cheese and it is mixed through the meat perfectly. My two concerns are; 1. I wish I had a bigger stomach so I could have eaten more. 2. They were out of bread AND rice pudding. They put so much care, detail, quality and pride into their cheesesteaks that I am certain the bread and/or rice pudding would have been phenomenal.