Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure presents Day of Cheesesteaks Down the Shore part 2 Day of cheesesteaks, Atlantic City to Wildwood, NJ.

I met Amigo Dan, cousin Stevie and no nickname Bill down the shore for a day of cheesesteaks. We went to six places. I don’t know if it was the poor weather, COVID-19 or the beginning of Summer but not really the beginning of summer because of the quarantine but none of the cheesesteaks really stood out. We went to the original White House Sub Shop, AC; Voltaco’s Italian Foods, OC; The Inlet on Olde, North WW; Russo’s Market, North WW: Crest Tavern, WW Crest and Bell’s Philly Grill,North WW. White House Sub Shop was the de facto winner because we had nothing bad to say about it. The Atlantic City rolls are much softer than I remember and a pleasure to eat. Voltaco’s Italian foods could have been the winner if they mixed the fried onions in with the cheese steak. The cheesesteak was very good and the cheese was melted everywhere. The fried onions were good but they’re laying on top. ‘The Inlet’ from the Inlet on Olde would have been the winner if I were with people with sophisticated palates. ‘The Inlet’ is a cheesesteak with shrimp scampi on top. Nice big shrimp. Russo’s Market was probably the biggest disappointment. I’ve heard great things about Russo’s. The Cheesesteak had great weight and it looked really good. There was just something about the taste. It could have been any number of things so it goes in the disappointment category and not the bad cheesesteak category. The Crest Tavern Cheesesteak probably had the best roll, meat, cheese and fried onion ratios. Plus it came with chips and pickles. It just needed to be bigger. Bell’s Philly Grill is the new kid in North Wildwood and really has a chance to become a fantastic Cheesesteak place. I really liked this cheesesteak’s ingredients. We got the pepper cheesesteak. I think they just need some time to get their ratios right and the ingredients working together. Call the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure podcast and let’s talk cheesesteaks, 732-228-3140.