Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Deke’s Bar-B-Que on Ridge Ave up there by East Falls/Manayunk.

Brisket cheesesteak. I think I now know the difference between BBQ brisket and smoked brisket. I prefer barbecue brisket. It is juicier/fattier. Deke cuts about half inch thick brisket fillets and puts them on a roll. I was expecting chopped since it’s called a cheesesteak. The good news, you’ll see in the video, is the brisket filet cheesesteak reheats phenomenally well. I got the fried onions on it. They seem more like sauteed and big chunks which I prefer. The onions added a little sweetness. The brisket had some sweetness. Talkin bout sweetness, holy matrimony guacamole sassafras slap my face, the pecan pie. Deke’s pecan pie has to be a bucket list item for everyone, mic drop.