Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure visiting Dinic’s at The Shipyard in Philadelphia, PA

So it’s a Dinic’s Outpost. But you are at the Philadelphia Shipyard and I love what is going on down at the shipyard. The N/S Savannah is in the Shipyard Dry Dock. The N/S Savannah is floating history. She was/is a nuclear powered cargo ship. She was built in the 1950’s as the center piece of then President Eisenhower’s ‘atoms for Peace’ initiative. We got our Dinic’s cheesesteak and went to Urban Cafe to eat it while looking at the John F Kennedy aircraft carrier. She is the most decorated ship in the world. As far as the Cheesesteak, my roll was bad crusty and the meat was dry. But from what I can tell Urban Outfitters is a phenomenal corporate Citizen and they are doing a great job of preserving and respecting the old Shipyard while making it a vibrant place to visit. Overall great experience. Visit the shipyard!