Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Dominic’s Meat & Deli on 10th St in Marcus Hook, PA.

Where have you been my whole life!! $5.36 after tax in easily top 10 meat. I guess the ‘meat’ in Dominic’s Meat and Deli should have let me know that this was going to be good meat. This was good meat. All of you cheesesteak aficionados (roll, meat & cheese) put Dominic’s Meat and Deli on your list. It was small but it was $5.36 after taxes. Well worth it. I was going to take my Cheesesteak and eat down by the Pirate house by the Delaware river but they were filming a movie or something so the roads were blocked off. Who knew Marcus Hook is the epicenter of The Cheesesteak universe and they’re making movies!! Go Marcus Hook!! PS 3rd generation owner.