Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Dom’s NY Style Pizzeria in Newport, DE.

Dom’s NY Style Pizzeria, Newport, DE. I was falling in love with Newport DE fast and hard. After a long good day I deserved a beer with my cheese steak. Who knew Dom’s had a bar. A bar with Dogfish flesh and blood on Tap, $5. The bartender was awesome. The guy next to me at the bar was a Dinic’s Pork sandwich guy but had good cheesesteak knowledge and pointed out the Italian cheesesteak on the menu. Two TVs, one with the NFL’s hundred greatest all-time plays and the other playing the college football game. Everything was going great and then my Cheesesteak came out. Fantastically toasted garlic bread roll. Provolone cheese melted beautifully on top. My first bite into the perfectly blended, peppers, spinach, onions and meat was Heavenly. Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom, Please put more meat on this beautiful creation. PS The Carolina Cowboy cheeseburger looked amazing.