Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure eating Don Giovanni’s at Naked Brewing in Feasterville/Trevose/Huntington Valley, PA

Oh my goodness what a difference a roll makes!! The ladies at Don Giovanni’s are amazing! It’s takeout only so we went to Naked Brewing. Carrying the cheesesteak I could tell it had some weight to it. When I opened the container and saw that roll and then picked up that roll oh my goodness I knew we were in for a treat. We got the super steak. It was super! My only concern is the extra stuff, fried onions, mushrooms & peppers. They were delicious and big pieces but they were not mixed in very well and it was noticeable when I went a few bites without an extra. Overall great Cheesesteak experience. We took our cheesesteak to naked brewing and we love Naked Brewing. PSA, Naked Brewing is just a catchy name no one was actually naked much to the dismay of the ladies at the end of the bar because the young man that kept coming out of the back was handsome.