Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Dooney’s Irish Pub on Fairview Blvd in Delran, NJ.

I was a little afraid of this cheesesteak. Irish pub in a strip mall doesn’t scream great cheesesteak. I saw a prime rib sandwich on the menu. I thought that was the sandwich I was supposed to try. The bartender was convincing that he liked the Cheesesteak so I stuck with a cheesesteak. It was on a sesame seed roll but it did not present itself. It was sloppy and the cheese wasn’t completely melted. Surprisingly it was good. The meat was tender and had a decent flavor. Nice roll but I do not like it when they cut roll on an angle especially when the cheese isn’t completely melted. You’re already having a tough time getting roll, meat and cheese in every bite. I also didn’t like the $13.17 price tag. I think the prime rib sandwich was $14 and it came with french fries. I don’t know, it was a good cheesesteak, draft of craft beer $6 and they have plenty of TVs. I think it was a good overall experience.