Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure eating the 2021 Cheesesteak Calendar at Charlie’s Roast Pork, 1301 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA.

This was a wonderful afternoon. Kevin Wilson and the gang from Dining on a Dime were there. We had special guest eater Larry Capobianco from Flavor of Philly. You can hear Kevin rave about the Chicken Cutlet on his podcast. I am sticking with the Cheesesteak. It starts on the fresh Carangi seeded roll. A very good amount of quality meat chopped and cooked marvelously. A good amount of cheese melted through the entire cheesesteak. Your choice of expertly prepared long hots or broccoli rabe. A great atmosphere to eat your cheesesteak. Check their social media for COVID lockdown specials including family meals.

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