Eating the Cheesesteak Calendar at Donkey’s Place, 1223 Haddon Ave, Camden, NJ.

Donkey’s Place is November on the 2021 Cheesesteak Calendar. November, election season, elephants and donkeys, it felt right. I met guest eater Steve from Philly Talks Podcast at Donkey’s for a late lunch. I got a cheesesteak. It still comes on a poppy seed round roll. I focused on the meat, cheese and onions this time. I think a lot of meat and onions on Rob’s little grill gives everyone a chance to blend in each other’s juiciness and flavor. Mike O is correct. It is good meat. It is not chopped and there is a lot of it. It is a round roll so the meat is stacked. I call the onions sautéed. They remind me of the onions from the old street hot dog vendors. The cheese may get a little lost in the oniony goodness.

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