Eating the Cheesesteak Calendar at Meatheadz, 2653 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence Twp, NJ. Eating the Cheesesteak Calendar, Meatheadz, Lawrence Twp., NJ.

Meatheadz is June in the 2021 cheesesteak Calendar. June, everyone has the beach on their brain. Friday night heading down the shore, start the weekend off right with a great cheesesteak from Meatheadz. Sunday night driving back from the shore feeling a little sad that the weekend is over, stop and get a cheesesteak from meatheadz to make yourself feel better. The Drippin Steak comes with provolone provolone cheese and a house Au Jus sauce. The dripping steak was my first real introduction to provolone cheese. Provolone cheese is now my recreational cheese. If you like a wet messy cheesesteak you will like the drippin steak. It comes on a toasted Amoroso roll. There is a very good amount of ribeye. The ribeye has a little bit of a thicker slice. The Toasted Roll, thicker slice of meat and provolone cheese make for a very hardy cheesesteak.

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