Eating the 2021 Cheesesteak Calendar at Peter & Sons, 20 Delsea Dr, Glassboro, NJ.

Peter and Sons is April on the 2021 Cheesesteak Calendar. April is National Soft Pretzel month. Peter and Sons offers a Cheesesteak where a soft pretzel is the roll. Yes, a soft pretzel is sliced in half and is your roll. I was with Amigo Dan; Guests Eaters, Eric and Geoff; and special guest eater, Nate. I got the cheesesteak pretzel. A soft pretzel is sliced in half and serves as the roll. Peter and Son uses ribeye that is sliced daily in house. The ribeye is not chopped. This is a good thing when you are using a soft pretzel as the roll. It’s a soft pretzel so do I put mustard on it? It is also a cheesesteak so do I put ketchup on it? I don’t know if it was genius or cowardly but I got sharp provolone cheese. The sharp provolone gave the cheesesteak a nice kick and I avoided the whole condiment question completely.

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