Eating the Calendar at Esterly’s Sandwich Shop, 479 Fleetwood Rd, Mertztown, PA.

Mr. January. Make a New Years resolution to be a Cheesesteak Adventurer! Even just an adventurer. Please, for your sake, at least one time next year get out of your normal routine. Esterly’s cheesesteaks have gone to Mt Everest, Mt Kilimanjaro, Japan, Korea, Tahiti and all 50 states. Rod’s grandfather started selling cheesesteaks out of a stand in his side yard across the street from a farm 51 years ago. Rod invented the no grease cheesesteak. I got a small cheese steak and a small order of pierogies. In ‘the valley’ they use a soft roll and most places make their own sauce. There’s a sneaky good amount of meat on this cheesesteak. A very good amount of cheese and it’s melted very well through the whole cheesesteak.

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