Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at El Camino Real in North Liberties section of Philadelphia.

We loved everything about El Camino Real except the cheesesteak. El Camino Real, big fun place. I liked the window art. The cheesesteak came with french fries. The french fries were heavily seasoned and the ketchup has either a Sriracha ketchup or BBQ ketchup or BBQ sauce, whatever it was, I like the Heavenly season french fries with a barbecuey sauce. The Cheesesteak was just a miss. The roll was big, bready and didn’t work with his cheesesteak. They use a cheese sauce which should be able to get through all the meat but it didn’t. The meat was a little dry. We loved everything else. Maybe go to El Camino Real and don’t get the cheese steak.