Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Esterly’s in Mertztown, PA.

Esterly’s Mertztown, PA. 3rd generation cheesesteak makers. These cheesesteaks have been around the world. I love this area. This is a converted house. I am 90% certain that the grill room use to be someone’s bedroom. It is the ‘no grease’ cheesesteak. The ‘no grease’ makes it a great traveling cheesesteak. $5.90, yes $5.90. At $5.90, if you live in this area you are wasting money if you don’t eat here every night. It had the Pennsylvania Dutch soft roll. That is a very good change-of-pace roll. Sneaky good amount of meat for $5.90. Very good amount of cheese and very good cheese melt. With ‘no grease’ you can really taste the meat and the cheese. Nice sauce and I like the big chunks of fried onions but I wish they were mixed in with the meat & cheese. Overall, very good cheesesteak. @Mikeyyyeatz did a very good job.