Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Euro Delights in Worcester Golf Club, Collegeville, PA.

Euro Delights at Worcester Golf Club, Collegeville, PA. Next spring I am starting a 9-hole golf & Cheesesteak League for the sole purpose of spending more time at Euro Delights. This is a very good cheese steak. However, it is obvious that the wonderful lady that made it is not from South Philly. Then again we were at a golf course so maybe she was going for decadence. Anyway it was very good. The meat was a little bit thicker cut and very tasty and moist. She said she cooks it in a balsamic vinaigrette. Very good amount of cheese and it was melted through the meat perfectly. Euro Delights has a bakery/cafe feel so I had high hopes for the roll. I was a little disappointed in my roll. Great atmosphere and people. They promised not to tell Carole that I took cheesecake to go (I confessed and shared it with her). Watch Facebook in the spring for the start of my 9-hole golf Cheesesteak League.