Occassionally I get invited out!!

Channel 6

Thank you channel 6 for putting this piece together. https://youtu.be/28AZcsQXHMw

Stina Pizzeria media event

I wish I had a bigger culinary vocabulary so I could properly describe the awesomeness of this food!! https://youtu.be/ZJ0-3DnImpY

Tony Luke’s cook at home

When you wake up with Tony Luke in freezer................ you know it was a great event!!! I got to see and tasty Tony Luke’s bake at home Cheesesteak. They were tasty, not surprising. The roll was the unexpected delightful and shocking surprise!! The roll was great....

Opening Tap Beer Week 2019

Thanks to Kevin Wilson and Dining on a dime podcast Wildfireradio.com I got invited to the Opening Tap for Beer Week 2019. I thought I had a good strategy for tasting a lot of beer and not getting inebriated but that plan fell apart pretty quickly. Conshohocken is my...

Channel 6

Thank you channel 6 For putting together a piece about me and my adventure!! https://6abc.com/food/man-on-mission-to-try-every-cheesesteak-in-the-tri-state-area/5335497/