Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Eve’s Lunch, 318 E Johnson Hwy, Norristown, PA.

Proudly displayed in the window is a ‘The best of Montco 2019 Best Zep’s’ sign. I have had good Zep experiences, and apparently Eve’s are the best, so I ordered one. The large zep was $14.50, you know I am not a fan of that. I will give Eve major props. She had a sign up that due to price increases during COVID there was an additional charge sandwiches (above the $14.50). It’s a pandemic, people understand you have to pass the increase on to the consumer, supermarkets do it. The large zep was very good. It is on a very good but very bready roll. Sneaky good amount of good meat. I prefer the meat chopped but it was good. I would have liked a little bit more cheese. The zep flavor overpowered everything but that is what I guess it is supposed to do. Call the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure podcast and let’s talk cheesesteaks, 732-228-3140.