‘Dining on a Dime’ podcast, wildfireradio.com, has taken me to some very good places. Feby’s Fishery is pretty darn special. Blacken Tuna Cheesesteak, I was worried it was going to be last week’s tuna mixed in a bunch of cheese and sauce to hide the fish smell. I was wrong (I haven’t been wrong since 1997 so I guess I was over due). Fantastic chunks of fresh tuna. Very little cheese which on one hand I am glad because the Tuna was perfect the way it was. Great ‘Blackened Tuna’ Cheesesteak!! and only $11. and comes with a side. I chose Sweet Potato Waffle Fries. YES, $11, awesome blackened Tuna cheesesteak with a side. Sweet Potato Waffle Fries can be your side!!