Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Foods on First diner, 1429 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA.

I ordered the mega cheesesteak. I took it to my car and had a trunk picnic on 16th Street. This Cheesesteak had some good weight to it. This was a very wet Cheesesteak and I could tell we were going to have a roll problem. There was a good amount of good meat. It was a little thicker slice so you could really taste the meat. The cheese is almost non-existent. What really made this Cheesesteak was the extras. I got the sweet peppers versus the hot. The extras spent a very good amount of time on the grill getting to know each other and mixing their flavors together very well. Cheese and a roll that can handle the moisture and this is a very very very good cheesesteak. Oh yes, major roll blow out.

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