Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Founding Fathers, 1612 South St, Philadelphia, PA.

Holy mackerel! Vegan cheesesteak and probably my favorite vegan cheesesteak so far. What is Founding Fathers? Sports Bar? food mashup geniuses? food felons? First, do not go between 6:30 and 7 p.m. this the wishing half hour because everything’s full price between happy hour and night time specials. Vegan Cheesesteak with seitan $14. It did come with fries but $14. The seitan looked like cheesesteak meat. The cheesesteak was very flavorful and most like a cheesesteak compared to my limited vegan cheesesteak experiences. They do have Cheesesteak egg rolls. The egg rolls were very good but $11. Personally I would like to see them switch the menu and have Vegan egg rolls and regular cheesesteaks, that’s just me. Nice place, good conversation with the bartender and his friend at the bar. The friend left after finishing the drink he purchased during happy hour. Very good overall experience.