Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at H&H Deli & Catering on Haddonfield Ave in Pennsauken Township, NJ.

On one hand this was a good solid cheesesteak on the other we have some problems. The good news is there was a good amount of meat with a good amount of cheese melted and chopped together very nicely. The bad news, I saw the sign on the door that said they have to DiBruno rolls and got very excited unfortunately my DiBruno roll split apart. The other thing is I don’t think my mushrooms spent any time on the grill. They were good mushrooms but I like it when the mushrooms spend some time on the grill with the meat and cheese. I think this could be a very good Cheesesteak connoisseurs Cheesesteak because normally a DiBruno roll is very good and it did have a good amount of meat and cheese chopped and melted together nicely.