Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Hoagie Xpress in Levittown, PA.

Hoagie Express Levittown PA. I went for the deep fried cheese steak and stayed for the Roman Empire cheesesteak on garlic bread roll. Holy mackerel! I just looked at my receipt, $8. $8, no wonder the Roman Empire collapsed you can’t sustain an Empire on $8. I really liked this Cheesesteak, I love it now. What I didn’t like, It was hard to pick up. I’m still thinking about the roll. There was a lot of homemade marinara and juice coming off of this Cheesesteak so I don’t know if any roll could have held it together. I wouldn’t pay the $1 for the garlic bread roll for the Roman Empire because it has a lot of flavor. I think the dollar would be well spent on a more simple cheese steak. They had Hanks soda and the people couldn’t have been nicer.