Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Hole in the Wall bar in the Bayard House, 11 Bohemia Ave, Chesapeake City, MD.

Carole and I went to Chesapeake City for their annual Haunted Victorian Macabre walk. Who knew the C&D Canal has been around since the early 1800’s and that Chesapeake City, formerly known as Bohemia, was a cool little town? After the walk we are headed over to the Hole in the Wall. The Hole in the Wall is in the basement of the Bayard House. The kitchen was closing in 15 minutes so we ordered the first thing that popped out at us and it was a cheesesteak. A pretty darn good cheesesteak. The roll was standard. There was a good amount of good meat. There were plenty of fried onions and they added flavor. There was a good amount of cheese but it was melted on top. I get the look they’re going for but you really needed bite discipline to make sure you got cheese and meat in each bite.

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