Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure presents Holme Style vs Stella’s, Holme Ave, Northeast Philly.

We started with the Holme style cheesesteak. This cheesesteak came out of the gates slow, ie. it did not score high on the eye test. I get melting the cheese on top for this kind of Cheesesteak and I do like a nice toasted Roll. But can I have more than one slice of cheese, please. Especially when it is the 1st thing I see. I did like my first bite. The meat had a good grilled meat taste. This cheesesteak did have my other usual complaint of the extras. I wish the mushrooms, pepperoni, fried onions and peppers spent more time on the grill together. With the meat having a very good grilled taste I had high hopes for the other ingredients but they came up a little short. They had a good flavor and it’s been a little time on the grill together. Stella’s pizzas Cheesesteak was next. This was the complete opposite. Stella passed the eye test with flying colors. I think she has her own mozzarella cheese sauce. This cheesesteak had a very good amount of cheese sauce melted on top. The roll did not look like a tradition roll but looked like it was going to work really well with this cheesesteak. Amigo Dan and I both really liked our first bites of Stella’s Cheesesteak. Unfortunately it was straight downhill from there. I think the extras added a lot of moisture to this cheesesteak. I think the extras spent very little time on the grill with the meet. Amigo Dan had a complete roll failure. 2 cheesesteaks, 1 neighborhood, completely different.

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