Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure at Jack’s Firehouse on Fairmount Ave in Philadelphia, PA.

I love this venue. The Old Firehouse never looked better. I loved the nice heavy wood, decorations and the old fire pole. Unfortunately, The Cheesesteak was a huge disappointment. It came on a house-made fresh roll that I thought was just not right for a cheesesteak. It is a very good roll but it is very dense and every time I bit into my Cheesesteak everything squished out. The other two people that were eating at the bar had cheeseburgers they look really good. In the cheesesteak I know they use real meat because I got two big pieces of gristle. It was cheesy. The Cheesesteak does come with french fries but $18.75, holy mackerel, it needed it be bigger and have everything work together better. Everyone does get two free house made biscuits and a house made cookie.